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September 8, 2020
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The Science Of Street Combat

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There are thousands of different martial art styles. Regardless of your particular discipline every human being must adhere to the same fundamental roots of martial science to maximize effectiveness. When you are attacked on the street where "anything goes" there is little margin for error. You must know how to handle a single attacker, multiple attackers, and even multiple attackers with weapons.

Undoubtedly, excellent footwork is the foundation of any effective martial art system. If you look at the most dominant boxers, the greatest football players, or the most exceptional dancers, they all have phenomenal footwork. Developing good footwork with your martial art will allow you to deftly evade lethal knives and larger stronger attackers who may outnumber you. If your footwork is weak not only will your evasion and survival skills fall apart, but your punches, kicks, joint locks, chokes, and throws will suffer greatly as well.

Developing sensitivity with your skin is critical for defending against weapons and multiple attackers. Your eyes typically serve as your primary sense when an encounter first begins. Once the gap is closed and the fight evolves to a mid to close range conflict your skin should take over as your primary sense. It is important to train blindfolded so your skin can become so sensitive that you learn to see and feel your opponent's movements and counters through your skin.

In street combat your kicks should be placed low. Even if you are a phenomenal martial artist throwing high kicks in the street can be dangerous when you are facing weapons or multiple attackers. It makes you too susceptible to being countered and taken down to the ground. Low kicks can be devastating and can easily blow out an attacker's knee.

It is important to learn to recognize the nine angles of attack. Many martial art schools over complicate their teachings by having their students memorize hundreds of random techniques. If you can learn to spot the nine angles it makes no difference if an assailant comes at you with his right or left hand, a kick, a charge, a bat, a knife, a crowbar, or a machete. There are only nine angles that you may be attacked on and if you learn to recognize them you will always have an answer for surviving an encounter.

It may go against your formal training, but save the high kicks for the movies and martial art tournaments. They can be extremely effective one on one, but in the street high kicks create too many openings and vulnerabilities against weapons and multiple attackers. In the street martial artists should rely on powerful low kicks to the shins, knees, and groin. It is also important not to rely on athletic movement in the street where you will probably be wearing restrictive clothing that will limit your moment.

It is critical that you learn to develop creativity with your martial art. Even if you memorize 10,000 techniques you will still be vulnerable if you are attacked in an unfamiliar way. If you concentrate on understanding fundamental martial art principles you can quickly learn to create your own techniques and an infinite number of variations. The best technique is the one you create on the spur of the moment that is specifically designed to handle your specific threat.


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