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June 30, 2020
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Disaster Survival for Hurricane Emergencies

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It is a devastating feeling when a hurricane hits anywhere in the Untied States. In order to survive a hurricane, it is important to have a disaster survival plan in place before the hurricane or disaster hits. Always be prepared is not always for the Boy Scouts, but for everyone and not just those along a beach front property because hurricanes can come pretty far inland. In addition, a tornado is another devastating disaster that one would need to survive.

Disaster survival kits should always be prepared in advance and be ready to grab at a moments notice. Items that need to be included in the disaster survival kits would be waterproof matches and a lighter; a flare gun and extra flares; clean water or tablets that allow you to make any water drinkable - you can find these at the army stores for military uses them all the time - blankets, change of clothing, medications you are currently taking - at least a couple of days worth - and non-perishable foods plus a can opener. You should also have a flashlight and radio with lots of extra batteries because you don't know how long you will need to use these items and they do 'eat up' batteries.

If you find yourself in a situation when a hurricane would be coming, you must first prepare in advance by boarding up the windows and doors and if you are ordered to evacuate, you must evacuate for your on survival. If you don't evacuate, and then find yourself in a hurricane situation, climb to safety, which would be the highest point in your home because the water will rise. This is going to be the attic for most people or the second level of your home.

Make sure you keep the disaster emergency kit on the second floor or in the attic so you can be prepared. Besides the things listed above to be kept in your emergency kit, there might be a chance that you can not get out of you house through the front or back doors and may need to climb through the roof. If that were the case, you might want to keep a pick ax or a drill or some type of tool that will help you 'dig' your way out of the attic somewhere near by. This is where the flares come in handy as well. You might want to keep a marker and poster board to make a help sign also.

The main thing to do in a disaster situation is to remain clam. As the water is rising or the wind is knocking your house around, it may be difficult to remain clam, but that is what is most important, to remain clam. You can not act rationally when you are not calm. Once you get to the attic, you have to wait until you know if the water is going to recede or keep rising. This is where the radio comes in handy.

You should be listening to the weather reports and the reports on where the worst damage is and what they are doing to try and rescue the people in the areas hardest hit. Do not try to wade your way out of the house if the water is waist high or even lower because you don't know what is in the murky waters and there could be a current and it could sweep you away. The only thing you can do is wait out the storm.

If you must climb to higher ground, which would be the rooftop, then you would need to 'dig' a hole in the ceiling and roof of the house to crawl out of. This is where the pick ax would come in handy. If you have a slanted roof, you might want to keep some rope or climbing twine and a large clip that one would use for climbing in the attic or your survival bag to tether yourself to something strong in the attic.

Since you are now on the outside, you may be able to get cell phone reception and call for help. If it is still raining and blowing strong winds - you will know if you are listening to the radio and if that is the case, do not dig your way out until it clears up. And remember, the search and rescue workers are extremely busy and unless you are hurt, you will have to be patient and wait until they can get to you, either by boat or helicopter.


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