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June 23, 2020
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Diet And Oily Hair

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Although most of us don't realize it, our hair's health and appearance depend very much on our diet and how our body responds to it. Diet influences hormones, cell production, and our physical appearance, so skin and hair can say a great deal about our well-being. Hair is not essential for our survival, so when something is wrong in our bodies, hair falling, dry, tarnished, or oily hair are the first signs of warning. Healthy hair needs a lot of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other essential elements for hair formation. Oily hair can also be a sign that our hormones are out of balance. Although this can be a genetic determined condition, an unhealthy diet can also play a big role when it comes to hormonal imbalances. So here are the main foods that can cause unbalanced hormones that lead to oily hair, acne, and other related issues.

Trans fats are one of the major culprits for so many modern health issues. Studies have linked trans fats with infertility, cancer, decreased immunity, diabetes, coronary disease, cellular inflammation, and even erratic behavior patterns. It is no wonder that trans fats can really damage your health, and all these will show on your hair and skin. Besides the fact that trans fats have a structure that is incompatible with our cells and that makes toxin removal difficult, they also proliferate estrogen production which leads to oily hair and skin. Foods that contain trans fats and that should be avoided are all that contain the following:

hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils trans fat margarine Avoid all cereal oils and sunflower oil, and choose natural saturated fats like organic butter, avocado oil, grape seed oil, and coconut oil. These are easy to assimilate and provide important fat-soluble vitamins for healthy hair and skin. Most processed foods and semi-prepared foods in the supermarket contain trans fats because they act as preservatives and are cheaper than other ingredients. Avoid processed foods as much as possible and cook your own food if you can.

Xenoestrogens in foods are found in natural or synthetic form, and they imitate estrogen produced by our bodies. This causes hormonal issues in both men and women, which can lead to many health issues, including oily hair and skin. Many medical researchers have reached the conclusion that xenoestrogens are the cause of many modern day illnesses. There is a fine hormonal balance and if it gets disrupted, it affects all our body's systems and cells. There are plants and foods that naturally contain some form of estrogen-like substances, but it is the synthetic man-added hormones that pose the greatest risk to health. If you want to maintain good health, and have non-oily healthy hair and skin, avoid the following:

Hormone-injected meat, especially chicken and other poultry. Try to buy organic grass-fed meat whenever possible, or try to find a local farmer that sells clean meat. Chicken meat is especially dangerous, as it contains many growth hormones and chemicals. Vegetables and fruits that have been exposed to pesticides. This may be hard to do, especially since organic fruits and vegetables are quite expensive. If you can't buy organic, try to wash all the produce you buy in a baking soda and vinegar solution before you consume it. You can at least remove some of the pesticides this way, or you could also juice your fruits and vegetables in a professional cold-press juicer that can remove up to 70% of pesticides.

Chemicals in soaps, cosmetics, cleaning products, nail polish, and so on, all contain xenoestrogens. Protect yourself by using as few cosmetics as possible, and buy certified organic cosmetics from safe sources. Plastic containers and all plastic goods, especially those that contain BPA, which has also been associated with cancer. Use only ceramic and glass containers to store your produce, and never microwave any of your food.

Finally, avoid using birth control pills that can damage your health and that have been associated with so many illnesses. Balancing hormones can be done by eating natural foods, taking only plant based supplements, and living an active life. This will lead to beautiful hair and will take care of any oiliness problems of the scalp skin.


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