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April 8, 2020
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Bug Out Bag - Be Ready to Roll

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The bug out bag is has nothing to do with insects nor is it a container to keep handy when you feel like you are about to wig out and finally make that call for a nice rubber room to spend your free time in. The bug out bag is your handy bag just in case the world comes crumbling down around our ears.

The bug out bag is kept handy by many police officers and combat soldiers. They keep disaster gear handy in case they are deployed without little time to prepare. The idea is to dart out the door to save the day or run like heck, and grab your bug out bag quickly.
These current crazy days in the United States has many folks planning for the worst whether it is a brown out, natural disaster or some kind of terrorist type attack. The bug out bag is kept handy for these type events.

This article is meant to help you identify a rugged and durable bug out bag that will work the essential purposes. I do not want to over kill on all the features of these kinds of bags or go into great detail about what every zipper and partition with the bag does. I will leave that to the vendor.

All I am doing here is giving you my unassuming opinion on the bug out bags that I have utilized and am very content with. There are a few companies that make these bags that I would recommend to anyone. But again, that is not the purpose here.

When you think of a bug out bag, think of pockets. You should ensure that your bag has plenty of pockets and storage. There is nothing worse than being in a disaster scenario with a gym bag full of junk. Imagine a low light scenario and digging through this pile of junk trying to find a band aid or some iodine. That would not be a good thing and I have been there and would not wish it on you.

So, shop around, find some fair prices and look for something rugged, with big sturdy zippers. I personally do not like Velcro. Although it is rumored to be some sort of awesome backwards engineered alien technology, it is very noisy and when it gets too dirty, it does not hold very well. That is just my opinion.

A few other pointers that I would like to bring up is the color of the bag and the size of the bag. First, the color should be an earth tone type color. Do not purchase a bright orange bag that would flag down an astronaut if you were to wave it over your head. You will want something discreet that can blend in with the surroundings. People do not bug out that want to be found. They bug out to stay below the radar.

Also, try not to purchase a bag that is the size of a trunk unless you work within the Mafia. There is no need to fill it with all the latest DVDs and such as they probably will not be of use in an emergency. Stick to the basics of survival or whatever it is you intend this bag for.


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