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15 Mar 20
Bow hunting is often seen as one of the manliest of sports, but there is a small contingent of women that partake in bow hunting, and take the sport to new levels. Without the use of a firearm, people find that there is less to hide behind with a bow and find that the psychological aspect of bow hunting can be somewhat intimidating but exhilarating at the same time.

The bug out bag is has nothing to do with insects nor is it a container to keep handy when you feel like you are about to wig out and finally make that call for a nice rubber room to spend your free t

08 Apr 20

Be Prepared for Your Next Camping TripWhen going on a camping trip, it is best to come completely prepared.

20 Apr 20

Cave hiking is considered to be an extreme sport in some circles.

23 Apr 20

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16 May 20
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Collecting the Original Rambo Knife
Collecting knives is one of the most exciting hobbies that I have been fortunate to be a part of for quite some time. I guess I was inspired by great manufacturers like Case Knives, Buck Knives, Gerber Knives and so many more.
27 May 20
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Controlling Deer Damage in the Garden and Landscape
Controlling deer in the garden and landscape takes a well thought out plan that can be painlessly executed. With urban areas creeping outwards from cities, deer, as well as other wildlife, are losing their natural habitats.
23 Jun 20
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Diet And Oily Hair
Copyright (c) 2012 www.oilyhairoilyscalp.comAlthough most of us don't realize it, our hair's health and appearance depend very much on our diet and how our body responds to it.
30 Jun 20
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Disaster Survival for Hurricane Emergencies
It is a devastating feeling when a hurricane hits anywhere in the Untied States. In order to survive a hurricane, it is important to have a disaster survival plan in place before the hurricane or disaster hits.
11 Jul 20
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Efficiency Is Key When You Choose Chicken Coop Plans
When finding and choosing efficient chicken coop plans, you should be able to consider several important factors to ensure the success of raising chickens. These include total size, ventilation, light source, and feeding set-up.
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25 Aug 20
Australian Geographic (AG) recently featured "Ten of the best Australian mountains to climb". The list includes mountains with spectacular vistas that are worthy to be added to your mountains-to-climb list. Some of these mountains may not be the highest in the world but they offer superb perspectives over our World Heritage-listed sites and other exquisite natural landscapes, reported AG.
20 Sep 20
There is a really unique concrete bunker that can be set up in a honeycomb pattern that is an intriguing (and increasingly popular) choice for many that are looking at underground survival shelters.With this amazing bomb shelter design you can creat a maze of rooms or just use one of them to set a strong underground survival room.
14 Oct 20
This is the story of a young woman whose apparently successful life quickly falls apart from the inside out.Cheryl Strayed, the name used by the author, was the second major work to be selected by Oprah's Book Club V.2, meaning it had some legs behind it, if the author should have found herself going astray.
Newest Blogs
08 Sep 20
There are thousands of different martial art styles. Regardless of your particular discipline every human being must adhere to the same fundamental roots of martial science to maximize effectiveness. When you are attacked on the street where "anything goes" there is little margin for error. You must know how to handle a single attacker, multiple attackers, and even multiple attackers with weapons.
24 Sep 20
Whether you are an experienced camping enthusiast or you are starting off on your first camping experience, it is important to have the proper gear and equipment. Many of the supplies can be expensive and some items may be hard to find. However, it is not impossible to buy what you need at a price you can afford.
26 Oct 20
Once confined to hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, backpacks have become mainstream during recent years, carried by everyone from kindergarten students to busy moms and business execs, all of whom have one need in common: convenient, portable storage for their gear.
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